Why buy new?

Why Buy NewAt Leading Homes we know that you have a choice. You can choose to purchase a property already on the market or you can opt for a brand new home. But why buy new? 

Is it the 5% deposit if using Help To Buy?
Is it the 10 year warranty?
Is it the lack of a forward chain? 

There are many reasons to buy new. Here are just a few-

Old Property

New Property

Redecorating could involve removing old paint and wallpaper, not to mention filling holes left by the previous owner. Will it need replastering?  Your new homes will have freshly painted walls and woodwork ready for you to add your own touch.
Being held up in a chain is never fun There is no waiting! As soon as your Leading Homes property is ready you can move in. As simple as that. There is no forward chain, no waiting for someone else to move out. How much stress will that save? 
Older homes often have outdated appliances and fixtures At Leading Homes we aim to fit the very latest appliances. This can include fast fibre internet, smart technology, LED lights, good quality fitted kitchen and much more as standard
The average cost to upgrade a kitchen, bathroom and flooring can easily hit £30,000 and you will need that available as it can’t go on a mortgage We include a good quality kitchen, bathroom and flooring. That is the Leading Homes difference. How much will that save you? 
How efficient is that property? Does the EPC really reflect the true cost? Does the EPC mention improvements that could be done – if so you will need to budget for those.  Our new homes are highly efficient at retaining heat and have modern central heating systems that cut consumption and use less energy.
How fast is the internet in the older property? Are you reliant upon copper cables?  On many of our developments we are able to work with Openreach to deliver fibre to the premises. This can mean speeds of 300mbps!



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