Are you a developer in the UK who is struggling to get going? Maybe you are having issues with credibility? Whatever the problem, maybe the team at Leading Homes can help!  If you are looking to sell a site or JV with us on a site you own then please click here. If you are looking for partnership as an investor – click here.

We are looking for partners to work with around the UK


partner with Leading HomesHaving had conversations with many developers, we find many have issues with one – or more often several – of the following:

  • Credibility – agents and funders will not work with you as you haven’t built a similar sized scheme
  • Funding – you are struggling to find the money to purchase or develop the building or land
  • Stackability – not sure if that is a word, but it may be to you where you can’t quite work out whether the deal really stacks. You are concerned that you have left out vital expense costs which could mean you either offered to high or ruled out the site due to wrong figures making it appear not to work
  • Planning – you do not understand the planning and therefore can’t work out what might go into the building or on the land
  • Power Team – you do not quite understand or can’t put together the right power team
  • Confidence – the deal stacks, but you do not quite have the confidence to take it further
  • Time – you have found the ideal site or building, but currently time is not your best friend
  • Burnt – partnerships can go wrong and people can rip you off – we can assist where others have let you down
  • Hunger – you have the hunger and desire to be a great property developer – great!. But you would rather have help to feed that hunger and desire 
  • Loneliness – property can be a lonely business at times – we can step in there and assist

There are many more reasons why you might wish to consider teaming up with us and becoming a partner at Leading Homes.

Partner – not just a number

We will consider partnering with new developers as well as more experienced ones. The site would not be solely developed under our brand but in partnership with your brand if you have one. Our involvement will be as much or as little as is required. But it will be professional and will be to our ethical standards. We will not cut corners for our prospective buyers and we will not cut them for you. You will be our partner.

What do we offer?

Leading Homes will bring our experience, confidence and contacts to the table. We have an internal planning team and an internal acquisitions team to assist. Our power team is extensive and will cover whatever the site might throw at us. Of course we will also look at using your power team on any site as required. Local knowledge is often key. Being a partner is key.

Where will we work  / what are we looking for?

As directors of Leading Homes we do not have any boundaries. All we ask is that you have the desire to make this partnership work. Obviously we have to undertake our own due diligence on all elements and some sites simply will not stack for a number of reasons. We can’t make the impossible, possible – however much we might like to! Being emotionally attached to any site is not something that we can do – that is fatal. Normally we would be looking for you to bring a site to us, although we might be willing to work with you in an area that we do not develop to help us build our brand where you live. Get in contact if you feel we might be able to help you!

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